Solar PV Grid-tied systems are designed to generate enough power to equal the amount of power your property consumes annually. 

During summer months your Solar power system will over produce. Any excess power production is saved as a power credit by your utility and then used during the winter months when your property consumes more power than how much your Solar power system produces.​​

When ever you hear the term "PV," or "Photovoltaic," have no fear... 

It just means Solar Panels!

Photovoltaic (or PV for short) is the effect that sunlight has on Solar cells that produces electrical DC power, which we then can convert into usable AC power for everyday use.

Grid-Tied Solar PV - Solar power is fed into your utility's grid and offsets the amount of power you consume.

  • ​Access to a large supply of power if needed
  • Cost effective

Off-Grid Solar PV - Solar power is stored in battery storage systems to be used when needed.

  • Limited supply of power from battery storage system
  • Usually costs more than a Grid-Tied PV system

Solar is a viable option for anyone, or place, that consumes electricity.

Almost everywhere you go, electricity is being consumed. Your house, work place, entertainment venues, all consume electricity that is connected to an enormous complex electrical grid that also needs access to electricity in order to supply us with a sufficient amount of power that our society depends on.

​Why not generate the electricity we need from the sun!

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