1. Why Should I power my home or business with solar?

  • Powering your home or business with solar will lock in your power rates, saving you money on increasing costs of electricity for the next 25+ years
  • Current SK government incentives mean you can save 20% (up to $20,000) of the cost to purchase and install solar on your property
  • You will be making a positive impact on your environment

2. How much does solar cost?

  • Cost of solar is dependent on the amount of power you or your business consume, as well as any obstructions that are in your location that may affect power production
  • Generally, solar costs much less than your future power bill

3. How do I get started?

  • Contact your Sound Solar Systems Inc. team of professionals who will get you on your way to producing your own power and saving money today

4. How often is maintenance required?

  • One of the best parts about solar, aside from all the money you will save, is the minimal maintenance that is required to keep your system in tip-top shape
  • We recommend cleaning your solar panels just a few times a year or as needed
  • Solar panels are generally self cleaning, but over time dust and particles such as bird droppings can build up and impact your overall power production

5. How do I clean my solar panels?

  • Contact your Sound Solar Systems Inc. team of professionals to learn how

6. Does snow affect my power production?

  • Snow cover will affect the power production of a solar panel, but the panel will still produce power
  • Snow can easily be removed off of solar panels with the use of a roof rake

7. What is the lifespan of my solar power system?

  • Solar power systems are made to last, so you can expect your solar power system to last 30 years or more

8. Does my solar power system have warranty?

  • Solar panels - 25 year limited warranty
  • Inverters - 12 year limited warranty with the option to upgrade to 25 year limited warranty​

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